Announcing Karya Mart – SEO Optimized Articles Ready To Go

· Iqbal Abdullah

Karya Mart by Kafkai

After acquiring the Kafkai app in April 2022, we have worked hard to get the service up to the standards that our customers expect from us. For this, we improved the platform on all fronts: the type of articles, the niches, the quality and will soon be on the pricing too.

Idea 1: Through that experience, regardless of what the public thinks and what we believe AI can do, we have also learned that there are some limitations to what our models can achieve. There are also customer concerns and needs that the Kafkai app is unable to address.

Idea 2: We are a fully remote team, and we believe that the written text is a viable way for remote workers to stay sustainable. A big market for written text is for digital marketing and SEO purposes and we want Kafkai, as a brand, to work with our fellow human writers, instead of against them, to address this market.

And so, behind those two main ideas, we’re excited to announce the release of Karya Mart – SEO Optimized Articles Ready To Go

All of the articles in Karya Mart are designed for specific niches. They are written by our partner writers to fit with specific keywords, and are ready to be used right away.

Our Exclusive Packs are sold with the Creative Commons CC0 license which is superior to a typical Private Label Rights (PLR) license. With an Exclusive Pack, you will be the only one purchasing those articles, and you can do anything you want with them.

Whether you’re a small business looking to improve your website’s visibility or a content marketer in need of high-quality articles, Karya Mart has got you covered.

For questions about Karya Mart or requests for custom-written articles, you can contact us at here.