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We build software to help people save time, money and make them happier human beings

Software Development

We build software to solve problems and make our lives easier

Open Source Community

We give back, and support open source projects that we believe in

Talk & Training

We love sharing our expertise with the community

Empowering Open Source and Private Projects

From day one, we've championed the values of knowledge sharing. Our legacy involves actively contributing to open-source initiatives and providing the expertise needed to shape private projects.

Our Expertise

What we excel in

SAAS Solutions

We excel in building Software as a Service (SAAS) platforms, delivering scalable, subscription-based software solutions that enhance business processes and efficiency.

Custom Software Development

We specialize in crafting bespoke software solutions that address unique business needs. Our custom software development services are tailored to drive efficiency and innovation.

AI and Machine Learning

We harness artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop intelligent applications and automation, delivering data-driven insights and efficiency.

Need custom solution for your business?

You can count on our experience to help you build what you want. Let us know what needs to be done, and let’s talk.

Our Products

What we’re currently working on in The Labs


A Simple, Multi-channel OTP Verification API for Developers

Build a complete, multichannel One-Time Password flow with almost no code. Enjoy our ready-made UI, and save time on resources for your development.


A Unique and Readable Content Generated by AI Writer

Kafkai is a machine-learning algorithm that can write articles from scratch. Cutting-edge technology for marketers and SEOs.

LaLoka Layouts

Useful layouts for Tailwind CSS

A collection of popular layouts and patterns made with Tailwind CSS

Meet The Lab Mates

The Lab Mates are a remote-first team living and working for many years from different parts of the planet. We communicate, take responsibility for our own roles, and contribute to keeping a beautiful harmony among us. Our glue is our love for technology and its ability to empower.
Iqbal Abdullah

Resident of Japan, Ex-Yahoo! Japan and Amazon. Founded in 2007 and was acquired in 2021. Iqbal’s job is to make sure everyone else can do their jobs well and making our customers happy. Iqbal is a PSF Fellow and is on Python Asia Mastodon. The buck stops with Iqbal. See his LinkedIn profile.

Kamal Mustafa

Web development enthusiast since early 2000. Kamal has been full stack developer starting with classic ASP and then PHP. Now focusing in Python and Django. Love sharing technical knowledge and insight through blogs and community outreach.

Geraldo Figueras

Major in Marketing. Previously worked developing communication and marketing campaigns focused on content production. Loves creativity and to always balance style with function.

Fathur Rahman

Versatile Product Builder skilled in Full Stack development, Digital Marketing, and UX. Transforming concepts into seamless, user-centric products. Let’s innovate together!

UI/UX Design
Nafis Ishraq

Obsessed with both physical and digital product design. Previously worked as a visual designer with a focus on creating brand identity. Now bringing in all the knowledge and skills to design functional and meaningful user experiences to make people’s lives better. Loves to learn and discuss design styles and visual arts.

Ngazetungue Muheue

A web developer who uses Python and Django to solve problems. The PSF Fellow, DSF member, and Open Source Software community organizer. Interested in public speaking, community building, organizing, and knowledge sharing through tech events and platforms.

Customer Support
Mai Shibata

Majored in English when she was a student in Japan, and became interested in languages and foreign countries. Had traveled to various countries and experienced various industries such as esthetician, call center, front desk crew on luxury Cruise liner. Currently resides in Tokyo and joined Laloka Labs in April 2023. Hobby is traveling abroad.

Md. Taufiqul Haque Khan Tusar

An Artificial Intelligence enthusiast driven by an unwavering passion for innovative research and engineering. Currently, my focus revolves around cutting-edge NLP technologies, with a particular emphasis on harnessing the power of Large Language Models. Beyond the realms of technology, I find immense joy in immersing myself in the ethereal beauty of nature and its magnificent biosphere.