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Our Current Projects

What we’re currently working on in the labs


Fast and Simple OTP flow

A web service that helps you implement OTP feature to your application easily, with almost zero coding

LaLoka Layouts

Useful layouts for Tailwind CSS

A collection of popular layouts and patterns made with Tailwind CSS

Meet The Team

The Labmates are a remote-first team living and working for many years from different parts of the planet. We communicate, take responsibility for our own roles, and contribute to keeping a beautiful harmony among us. Our glue is our love for technology and its ability to empower.
Iqbal Abdullah

Resident of Japan, Ex-Yahoo! Japan and Amazon. Founded in 2007 and was acquired in 2021. Iqbal’s job is to make sure everyone else can do their jobs well and making our customers happy. The buck stops with Iqbal. See his LinkedIn profile.

Kamal Mustafa

Web development enthusiast since early 2000. Kamal has been full stack developer starting with classic ASP and then PHP. Now focusing in Python and Django. Love sharing technical knowledge and insight through blogs and community outreach.

Product Manager
Hyejeong Park

Major in Visual Communication Design. Previously worked as an UI designer for iOS app. Interested in both design and web development. Loves beautiful UI, clean Web, and Python/Django.

Geraldo Figueras

Major in Marketing. Previously worked developing communication and marketing campaigns focused on content production. Loves creativity and to always balance style with function.

Surya Banerjee

Loves technology. Spends most of his time tinkering with new ideas and loves to learn new skills. Big time foodie and likes pondering over the future of humanity.

Fathur Rahman

Experienced web developer with focus on front end development. Loves building products that solve real problems.

Lai Choon Siang

Previously worked mostly in data processing and analytic projects. Interested in Machine Learning and Functional Programming. Loves learning new things and writing stories.