LaLoka Labs acquires

· Iqbal Abdullah

We’re happy to announce that LaLoka Labs LLC has successfully acquired, a content generation service powered by machine learning from Niteo GmbH. Slightly late due to the time that was taken during the transition, the acquisition takes effect from the 1st of April 2022.

Text communication is now as important as ever

Due to the explosive growth of remote working pushed by the pandemic, text communication is now more important than ever.

Communicating ideas written down in text, whether for internal or external usage, has grown so common that is no longer the sole job of public relations or human resources. Everyone needs to write ideas and communicate in a clear manner, regardless if you’re an engineer or the CEO of the company.

Venturing into the Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning industry

This acquisition now means that we’ll be venturing into the Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning industry.

The NLP processing and machine learning sector is a very viable one considering the concentration of specific markets. It’s a tough industry using a technology that is continuously evolving with strong competition promising the moon and back, but we believe we can add value by being the best by focusing on specific topics and languages.

We also believe our strength and experience in Python and building infrastructure such as APIs will have a positive impact on the service and its customers.

To wrap things up

We’re meticulous while making sure the service will be sufficient to meet the needs of the market.

We also want to make Kafkai a better helper for you to communicate your ideas, and we’ll work hard listening to your feedback and improve the application.

We’re still in the process of moving stuff over within the next few weeks, so you might find some things still pointing to the previous owners. Please bear with us.

Anyway, some of the text above was produced from Kafkai. I don’t think you’ll know which one, but you’re welcome to guess!