Levelling Up #3 – Finding your dream remote job in tech

· Iqbal Abdullah

Finding your dream remote job in tech

Remote work offers more flexibility than ever before, allowing you to work on your schedule and in the comfort of your own home. It also provides an opportunity to explore new career paths and gain valuable experience in different industries.

In a world where traditional office jobs are becoming increasingly difficult to find, remote work can provide the freedom and flexibility that many people crave. This type of work is perfect for those who want to make a living while still having enough time for leisure activities or family commitments. With the right tools, remote workers can stay connected with their teams while working from anywhere in the world at any time of day or night.

In today’s job market, there are many opportunities for those looking for flexible remote jobs across various industries including technology, education, finance, marketing and customer service. Companies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure Cloud Services (Azure) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offer cloud-based solutions that enable organizations to run their businesses remotely without sacrificing quality or performance. For those interested in software development roles such as web design or programming, there are plenty of positions available too.

Start by researching

Whether you’re looking for a full-time position or something part-time that fits around other commitments like parenting or study; it’s essential to do your research before applying for any role – especially if you don’t have previous experience working remotely. Start by researching companies that actively advertise open positions as well as general job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor which list hundreds of remote jobs each day. Also, look out for specialised websites catering specifically to those seeking flexible employment options such as FlexJobs which offer targeted listings based on specific criteria like location or industry sector.

Understand and upgrade yourself

Before applying it’s important to consider what skillsets and abilities will be necessary when carrying out the role remotely – especially if you haven’t worked this way before! Good communication skills are essential as regular contact with colleagues is likely going to be via video conferencing calls rather than face-to-face interaction; so being able to express yourself clearly online is key! Additionally; organisation skills along with self-discipline will also help ensure tasks are completed efficiently within set deadlines despite distractions from home life.

Update Your Resume

Once you know what type of job you’re looking for, it’s time to update your resume accordingly. Make sure it includes all relevant experience along with any extra qualifications or certifications that could help boost your chances of getting hired for a remote or flexible position. Additionally, if there are digital tools such as video conferencing platforms or project management software applications that employers may be looking for candidates familiar with, include those on there too!

Gain new skills

To stand out amongst other applicants vying for a remote role, look into developing new skills related not only to the specific field but also general ones such as communication and organization which will give employers confidence in hiring someone capable enough to handle managing their workload from home without direct supervision every day! This could mean taking classes online (many are free) or reading up on topics related both professionally and personally which will show potential employers just how passionate about working remotely one is during an interview process down the road too!

Be visible

Creating an online presence is essential when trying to land a remote role because it allows potential employers to get an idea of who exactly someone is before even meeting them in person (if ever). Through this medium one should showcase their best qualities while also highlighting any relevant experiences & skillsets relating directly back towards being successful at working remotely – whether it be through creating content & blogs about topics within the said industry (or even just day-to-day life!) – setting up profiles showcasing professional accomplishments across various social media channels; having an “About Me” page dedicated solely towards showcasing oneself professionally; etcetera… Doing all these things will not only potentially increase visibility but also prove invaluable when trying to impress future bosses during interviews later down line!


Reaching our dream jobs doesn’t have to feel impossible any more thanks to advances technology advancements made over the years making now easier than ever to locate desirable professional opportunities affordably and effectively… All take a bit of dedication patience course correct strategy plan action to follow suit tips described above should start a strong footing journey ahead fulfilling ambitions and dreams today tomorrow future!!