Editor-In-Chief (EIC)

· Iqbal Abdullah

Job Category: Production
Job Location: Remote

Role Description

Our team is looking for an Editor-In-Chief to help us with managing operations and the quality of our products.

You will be part of a team that creates contents for our clients and be involved in many parts of an evolving product, from research, quality control, and operations.
To be successful in this job, you need to demonstrate the ability to evaluate English text articles for quality and adherence to standards, and carry out operational tasks efficiently.

Why this role is important?

This role is important because it will directly affect the quality of the writing which our customers rely on for their contents production and SEO strategy. Bad contents will mean less traffic for our customer, which will directly affect their business targets.

The biggest challenge of the role is to achieve a high level of quality consistently for the articles that we produce, that also addresses the topics and themes which our customers need.

What will you learn from this role?

You will learn how to acquire customer feedback, process them into actionable items and also use tools to decide on what the customer wants.

Based on customer feedback and also data from the tools you will learn to decide on what themes to write for. You will also learn how to manage quality of writing by our pool of writers and also define guidelines to decide what “quality” is. Finally, you’ll also learn to work with colleagues and move the project forward in a remote-first business environment.


  • Making sure the quality of the produced articles follows our guidelines (and also contributing to those guidelines)
  • Putting a plan of the themes of the articles we’ll need to produce to meet demand
  • Communicating the plans and the operations to other members of the team and working with them to hit our targets
  • Managing the process of article production
  • Managing the writers (including hiring and firing).
* This role requires travel: Although we do not have an office and work 100% remotely, we do travel for training, conferences, and team camps a few times a year.

Skills or experiences that are essential will help you to be successful in this role

  • Understanding of on-page SEO and Content Marketing
  • Research (including keyword research), planning and outlining
  • Editing, revising, spelling and grammar in English
  • Managerial skills, project organization

Skills or experiences that are beneficial, but are not essential

  • Experience working remotely
  • Experience managing a team of writers
  • Intermediate SEO knowledge
  • Owns an active blog, or have written an article which ranks on the first page of search engines
Sorry! This job has expired.