LaLoka Labs LLC Privacy Policy

Because your privacy is important to us.

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This is the Privacy Policy for LaLoka Labs LLC, a company incorporated in Japan with the address of 1-9-4 Taito, Taito-ku, 110-0016 Tokyo, JAPAN.

LaLoka Labs LLC is a company that

  1. Develops and maintains the Kafkai Content Generation AI SaaS.
  2. Develops and maintains Karya Mart – SEO Optimized Articles Ready To Go
  3. Does consultation on IT-related matters.
  4. Carries out systems development.

In order for us to offer the best services, we take advantage of the personal information given to us by you, our customers. We are aware that the most important asset that we have are the information given to us by our customers, and we take all reasonable and available security measures to protect that information. All our directors and employees understand our privacy policy and we execute it to the best of our ability.

  1. We collect, use or share personal information on a need-to-know basis, as required by the service we offer.
  2. We state the reasons we are collecting personal information clearly, and take appropriate measures so that the usage of this personal information does not exceed what we have particularly stated.
  3. We respect the relevant local Japanese laws and policies concerning the handling of personal information.
  4. We have built safety structures to stop personal information from being accessed without permission, leaked, lost or from being destroyed. We will also execute appropriate measures to put right in the case of issues concerning personal information.
  5. We will handle requests for the release of personal information, questions or complaints concerning our handling of personal information through our customer support representative.
  6. We continuously review our personal information management system and take appropriate measures to improve them.

Enacted 1st April 2022
LaLoka Labs LLC
Iqbal Abdullah, CEO

Point of contact concerning personal information (complaints and consultation)

LaLoka Labs LLC – Privacy Help Desk
1-9-4 Taito, Taito-ku, 110-0016 Tokyo, JAPAN
Email: (Please do not send spam or Specified Electronic Mails)

Handling of Personal Information

1. Purpose of use of Personal Information handled by our company

In this section, we state clearly the situations and the reasons why we collect Personal Information.

  1. Personal Information acquired from the Kafkai service
    1. User registration into the system
    2. Maintenance and management of the system and customer data
    3. Notifications for system version updates and new products relevant to the system
    4. Notifications and information on the holding of seminars relevant to the system
    5. Reception of and responses to inquiries and requests about the system
    6. Countermeasures against user abuse
  2. Personal Information entered by customers into the Kafkai service
    1. Provision of service as well as system maintenance and management
  3. Personal Information acquired from business partners
    1. Conclusion of contracts
    2. Provision of services
    3. Management of customers
    4. Management of progress of contract contents
    5. Inquiries and communication
    6. Provision of materials and information
    7. Payment and billing
  4. Personal Information acquired at the time of recruitment and interviews
    1. Recruitment activities and communication that follows
  5. Personal Information of employees
    1. Management of human resources: To manage of personnel policies and workplace regulations
    2. Management of work: To manage working hours and working conditions as established in our workplace regulations
    3. Management of taxation: For labor and tax treatment prescribed by laws and regulations
    4. Business management: To plan business policies and understanding of the status of business implementation
    5. Accounting adjustments: For adjustment of necessary expenses
    6. Salary information: For calculation of wages and deposits to specified financial institutions
    7. Benefits: For administration of management procedures for benefits
    8. Educational training: For internal and external education and training
    9. Management of security: For overseeing access to and from the premises, inspecting information systems, etc.
    10. Sales/Public Relations Activities: To provide portfolio of work done to prospects and publication on advertising materials such as our websites, pamphlets, etc.
  6. Personal Information acquired from inquiries by email or website
    1. Customer service
    2. Reception of and responses to questions and requests
    3. Provision of materials and information
  7. Personal Information acquired by phone
    1. Reception of and responses to inquiries and applications
    2. Presentation of company overview and introduction to company services
    3. Procedures for interviews and recruitment

2. Other notification

  1. Provision and consignment

    We will not provide your personal information to any third parties. Please note that there maybe some case of consigning a part or a whole of the personal information for achieving the purpose(s) above.

  2. Arbitraries

    It is your option to provide your personal information, but please note that there will be the case that you will get less benefits by the result of failing to receive the process described above unless you do.

3. Public announcements concerning personal information subject to disclosure by the company

With regard to requests about personal information provided by the company (i.e., information to be disclosed), disclosures, revisions, additions or deletions, discontinuation of utilization, erasures, and discontinuation of provisions to third parties (“Disclosures”), we will respond according to the following procedures.

  1. Name of Business Operator and Personal Information Protection Manager

    LaLoka Labs LLC.
    Personal Information Protection Manager: Iqbal Abdullah
    Email address: (Please do not send spam or Specified Electronic Mails)

  2. Purpose of Using Personal Information Subject to Disclosure

    The purpose of use of personal information to be disclosed by the company is as described in 1. Purpose of Use of Personal information Handled by Our Company above within the following usage:

  • Personal Information acquired from the Kafkai service
  • Personal Information acquired from business partners
  • Personal Information acquired at the time of recruitment and Interviews
  • Personal Information of employees
  • Personal Information acquired from Inquiries by email or websites, etc.
  1. Procedure for requesting Disclosures

    1. You can request for Disclosures by sending the request and the necessary documents to our Privacy Help Desk as stated below.

    2. When requesting for Disclosures, one of the following is required as a document for identity verification. (It is unnecessary to state one’s permanent address.)

    • Copy of driver’s license

    • Copy of passport

    • Copy of resident’s card

    • Copy of Japanese National Health Insurance card

    • Copy of pension book

  2. In cases where Disclosures and Others are requested by an agent, two persons, the principal and the agent, are required to provide identity confirmation documentation as above. In the case of a voluntary agent, power of attorney is required. In the case of a legal representative, a copy of the documents such as a family register, a resident card, etc., or certificate of registration matters concerning adult guardianship will be needed.

  3. For notice of the purpose of use and disclosure of personal information, a postage stamp of JPY5,000 (excl. tax) is required as a handling charge.

4. Privacy Help Desk

For complaints, consultation and requests for personal information subject to disclosure, please contact the following address.

LaLoka Labs LLC – Privacy Help Desk
1-9-4 Taito, Taito-ku, 110-0016 Tokyo, JAPAN
Email: (Please do not send Specified Electronic Mails.)