NLP Engineer

· Muhammad Fathur

Expired on: Sep 12, 2022
Job Category: Engineer
Job Location: Remote

Role Description

Our team is looking for a capable NLP Engineer to build the future of AI content creation with us.

You will be part of a team that creates content generation systems and be involved in many parts of an evolving product, from data collection, model building, evaluation, deployment, and operation.

To be successful in this job, you need to demonstrate the ability to create text generation models and other related NLP tasks.

Why this role is important?

This role is important because it will directly affect the quality of the product.

Hundreds of active customers rely on our product to help them do their jobs, and this role will directly impact the quality and improve our customer’s experience.

The biggest challenge of the role is to achieve a high level of quality that delivers competitive solutions in a market still skeptical of AI content generation.

Technology develops hand-to-hand with customers’ expectations and behaviors. Your qualifications and understanding of NLP for this role need to match the demands of a quickly-evolving market.

What will you learn from this job?

You will learn to work effectively in a diversified and fully remote environment. From managing your stack of applications to keep track and communicate your tasks effectively, to improving the self-discipline required to excel in a role with flexibility and accountability.

You will learn how to read, interpret and process different cultural inputs on a diverse, global team.

You will learn how to build, rollout, and maintain an NLP pipeline from input to production, in different languages other than English.

You will learn how to develop an understanding of the product, processes, and codebase, including features that actually improve our users’ lives. For this, you will write clean code that you have manually tested; create documentation to help the content and product teams understand how NLP works, and exchange feedback with other engineers while carrying a humble growth mindset.

You will also learn how to work within the product team and equally care about our customers as you do for the work you’re building. You will take interest in what customers have to say, how our product impacts their lives, and how you can improve your own mindset to deliver the best experience possible for them.

Finally, you will learn how to advocate and convince the rest of your Lab Mates of what you believe is the best way to execute in pursuit of your goals. For this you will learn how to communicate properly in each channel, understand the nuances of every platform, and adjust your delivery for optimal results.


  • Conduct experiments on NLP tasks related to the business objectives
  • Supervise the data collection process and maintain high-quality corpus
  • Build, train, and tune models, evaluate results according to defined metrics
  • Monitor and maintain high-quality output in production systems
  • Research traditional and state of the art NLP techniques for tasks such as text generation, summarization, and title generation from various sources (published research papers, GitHub repositories, etc.)
* This role requires travel: Although we do not have an office and work 100% remotely, we do travel for training, conferences, and team camps a few times a year.


  • BS or MS degree in Computer Science, Data Science, or equivalent domain
  • 2+ years experience in NLP, ML/DL Engineering, or related role
  • Knowledge of Python, git, Jupyter, Tensorflow, PyTorch, OpenNMT, Hugging Face Transformers, and other relevant tools
  • Demonstrated ability to work with large datasets, build, evaluate, deploy, and monitor production models
  • Experience training deep learning models or use pre-trained models such as GPT-2, GPT-3, GPT-J, BERT, T0pp etc for transfer learning
Sorry! This job has expired.